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All the great things to do, in video, in one place.

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Choose a time slot and pay directly

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The platform let's you discover all sorts of enjoyable activities around you. Whether you are abroad or at home you can find interesting things to do around you, and check those out with video. Leveraging the power of the Eleven Life community, interact directly with independent experience makers which will unleash unexpected moments of life, which you might not have lived otherwise. Search, watch, book and pay for your experience directly in the same convenient app, either on your smartphone or on your computer.

You can find here several organisers that are on the in the platform today.

1. record a video

2. add a description

3. add a price or make it free

4. welcome your first customers in real life

5. get paid every week

Anyone can offer something to the community

Find out what you could earn

Price of your activity

18.23 € after commission

Activities per week

± 4 per day



1996 €

per month

from Monday to Friday

Use video to stand out from others

Sync your calendar with other platforms

Automatically decreasing commission at each sale

Accept 40 different payment methods

You have an incredible experience or activity to offer to tourists and/or locals? Increase your global reach, and receive payments in over 40 different payment methods and 120 currencies, in less than 5 minutes with Eleven Life. Not everything can be understood with a classical static ad, use video to get your message out, and show your wonderful experience to the world. Leverage the power of the Eleven community to acquire certified reviews for your experience, gain trust with all customers and therefore increase sales.

Our purpose is to build Eleven Life as a thriving community which would have as goal to reconnect people around the world through activities and passion. Making social borders disappear and lay the foundations of the social interactions of the 21st century.

The bigger we spread it, the better it will be

The community's data is not sold to third party

Let's build this community together

The platform will be constructed from everyone's feedback

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Offer activities through video conference

Solidarity within the COVID-19 situation

Eleven Life finalist of the challenge.

We are thrilled to announce that Eleven Life is finalist of the Amazon (AWS) Startup Architecture Challenge 2020.

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