Discover enriching activities and experiences around you.

Check out the activity in video

Ask questions to the organiser in the chat

Book on the organisers website

Book and pay inside the app

Discover all the activities on the map

Recommend activities to your friends

Find people to share an activity with

Organisers, users: Same profile same passion.

The community is composed of people who are passionate about various topics. They can enjoy the many activities proposed by other members, or decide to offer themselves an activity everyone.

A fully featured messenger.

Eleven Life includes the most advanced messenger you can think of. From sending almost anything to integrated translation, we've packed many features to make your conversation as easy as it should be.

Pictures And Videos

GIFS and Stickers

Location Sharing

Location Request

Audio Messages

Instant Messages

One to one calling

Group calls

Number masking

Local File Sharing

Google Drive Sharing

Dropbox Sharing

In-Chat Camera

Pay for your activity directly in the app.

Select the time which suits you best for your activity, and pay directly with the card registered in your account. 

You can find here several organisers that are on the in the app today.

Challenge accepted!

We are participating this year to the AWS Architecture Challenge. Read our blog post about how the Eleven Life architecture was designed...

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